Your Tweety Chance to Grab Free Entry to UnPluGGd.

Alrigh Ladies and Gentlemen

Today is Day 2 of UnPluggd contest and here are some of the most interesting tweets, since yesterday (follow the official hashtag #unpluggd2 to follow the buzz).


@alexanish: Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because it’s the heaven of startups!

@AmiSri: Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because it would be a great event to boost my start-ups.
@amitgoel1287: @pluggdin Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( hoping it will motivate me enough to quit my job & convert my plans in real business
@ranavikas: Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because it was good last time.
@VJV87: attending #UnPluGGd2 -the holy grail of all the entrepreneurship events in India, to meet all the stake holders in the indian startup scene
@rvivek: Attending #UnPluGGd2 for reasons obviously longer than 140 chars!
@natsaba: attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because its shaping India’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
@rohan_rockz: Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because i want to checkout lean start-ups !
@natsaba: attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because its future of tech industry in india

@natsaba: attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because am an entrepreneur

@nethi: Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because “I don’t want to miss young india’s entrepreneurial journey”

@imHappyCV Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because “entrepreneurs,humans or animals.All things need ecosystem to plug, breed,bleed n grow”


As yesterday, it was a difficult choice and we are selecting three winners – @natsaba, @nethi and @imHappyCV – the tweets reflect the true reason of attending UnPluggd.

Others (including those who didn’t win), you still have 1 more day to win free entry.

You have to tweet the following sentence:

Attending #UnPluGGd2 ( because “”

Fill in the blanks – tell the world, why you look forward to the event.

Simple Rules:

  • Your Tweet should have #UnPluggd2 hashtag and the website link.
  • We will select one winner every day [contest is on till Friday], i.e. Wednesday-Friday.
  • You can send as many tweets as you want.

Game? Time starts now!

For those who wanna reserve their seat, simply go ahead and book your tickets (we have limited seats left). Hop to our ticketing partner site, pay by credit/debit card and there you have it!.

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