UnPluggd : Told In Tweets [A Big Thank You To All]

Every UnPluggd, we push ourselves to dig deeper and beat our last act.

This UnPluggd, we took a challenge to bring a lot of actionable insights and inspiring talks to the audience – no celebrity founders, no ‘big/catchy’ names – all cockroaches who are growing and have a lot to share with the audience.

No media trained founders. Just the ones who can talk UnPluggd and wanted to give back to the community; help other founders see a different point of view.

First of all, I on behalf of NextBigWhat team would like to thank the entire audience – always interactive, asking tough questions and ensuring that you guys keep us on our toes.

A big thank you to our speakers (and demoing startups) – all of you were amazing! It takes a lot of effort to build a lineup of speakers of like this and amazing when they all shared their lessons in a very candid manner.

Importantly, the sponsors without whom this wouldn’t have been possible!

The team
Not just the NextBigWhat team, but a whole lot of friends volunteered and made UnPluggd a grand success. In no order, the NextBigWhat (+ extended) team : Ankit, Elvis, Zakeer, Namrata, Rajaraman, Sufiyan, Ritesh, Sandeep, Prabhakaran, Puneet, Ram, Sanghamitra and Rahul :You guys were damn cool and I truly thank you all for this !

UnPluggd In Tweets

Last, but not the least – some curated tweets from the UnPluggd conference.

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