UnPluggd: What Lies Ahead. Thoughts on Formats for the virtual conf

UnPluggd : Bigger, Better and Virtual

Ladies and Gentlemen:

THe virtual edition of UnPluggd is sch.eduled for May 22/23rd and we will soon start sharing the speaker list. But before that, we would like to share an update on the format itself.

First things first:

Copying the offline conf to an online avatar is not something we fundamentally believe will work. The truth is that you cannot sit in front of your laptop, all day long!

Plus, given the mental and emotional state of everyone, we believe that all of us needs more actionable workshops than regular keynotes.

Hence, we have decided to bring down the number of keynotes and…bring you a lot of powerful workshops, conducted by industry veterans. Even our keynote speakers are carefully chosen – they are the ones who have built product-led businesses.

  • May 22nd, i.e. Friday will host 5 workshops (each ~1 hr long). You can register for each workshops separately.
  • May 23rd will host 5 keynotes, followed by 2 workshops.

We will start announcing speakers from today onward and look forward to your suggestions on workshop topics / speakers (please use this form).

You can apply for keynote speaker / workshop using this form.


  • A lot more actionable and knowledge-centric workshops than keynotes.
  • You can register for the keynote sessions right away.
  • You can select which workshop would you want to attend and register for the same.
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