UnPluggd : It’s Happening on December 6th [Rescheduled / Details ]

This is for the first time in history of UnPluggd that we decided to change the date. For some damn good reasons. For some brilliantly cool stuff that we are working on*.Unpluggd 7 (22)

UnPluggd is now happening on December 6th, preceded by a hackathon (November 15th and 16th) and followed by an amazing networking evening (we will share more about that – but trust us, you will love it!).

Our focus for UnPluggd remains showcasing ‘Made in India’ product and business success stories and ofcourse, bring the entire ecosystem together!! The talks at UnPluggd are carefullly chosen and are delivered in ‘UnPluggd’ form (no added sugar, please). 10 startups will launch at the conference.

UnPluggd Winter Edition Theme

We are working towards a massive conference and two concepts we have in mind are :

1) Scaling Up.
Very few Indian startups get to grow to say, 30K customers within 4 years of launch. What does it take to scale? While you must have heard ‘scaling gyaan’ multiple times, we will bring practical insights from founders who have managed to. If you are somebody who has witnessed this or know those who have done this, recommend/apply as a speaker.Unpluggd 7 (18)

2) Diversity
We certainly believe that entrepreneurs need to learn from not just tech founders, but a whole lot of other entrepreneurs who have managed to scale up against all obstacles.

The upcoming UnPluggd will see a lot of these. We will make it the coolest startup conference of 2014 !

Plus, we have a hackathon planned on Nov 15th & 16th (we wil handhold the hackathon winners and help them with product launch @UnPluggd). The tickets are available in the widget below (use the code UNPLUGGDWINTER) for a massive discount (50%) which ends today evening 23:59.

We look forward to having you at UnPluggd. If you are looking for great discount, here is it : use the code UNPLUGGDWINTER [registration link].

Got any questions? Please feel free to reach us on +919019870758 [or hit ‘reply] !


UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th [Hackathon on November 15th & 16th in Bangalore].
UnPluggd Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
URL : http://www.unpluggd.org
Ticket : Use the widget below and block your seat right away.

* : If this rescheduling impacts your plan and do want a refund, please get in touch with (we have already sent an email to all buyers).

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