#UnPluGGd2 Day 3 Winner(s) Announced!

LaSt week, we announced the tweet contest for UnPluggd and here are the most interesting tweets

@ravipratap Attending #UnPluGGd2 because it’s the only startup conference in India that’s "No fluff, only the real stuff from real entrepreneurs!"

@zimzamzum Attending #UnPluGGd2 (http://unpluggd.org) because UnPluGGd2 can offer resources and experience required to convert my passion into reality.

@harshamv Attending #UnPluGGd2 (http://unpluggd.org) because its party time for Entrepreneurs! Be there or get PluggD

@abdulmues Attending #UnPluGGd2 (http://unpluggd.org) because “”i love entreperneurship"

@dkawasthi Attending #UnPluGGd2 (http://unpluggd.org) to catch up with some of the think tanks of wwworld.

@Anant Attending #UnPluGGd2 (http://unpluggd.org) because execution is more inspiration than theory

And the tweet winners are.. @ravipratap @harshamv and @Anant!

Congrats guys! See you at UnPluGGd.

And for those who wanna ensure they have an entry ticket, hop ticketing partner site, pay by credit/debit card and there you have it!