Why Demo @UnPluggd Event?

Qn: Do you charge a fee to demo startups @UnPluggd?
Ans: NO.

We have been getting these questions from entrepreneurs and a short ‘n’ sweet answer to ‘Do you Charge Fee For Demo” is NO.

We want to be of help to you in your bootstrapping days and frankly, we don’t see a point in asking companies to pay for demoing “their product” to the world. Having said that, you bear travel/acco/ticket cost just like any other participant.

Why Demo @UnPluggd?

Well, startups who demoed at the last event tell us that they received great feedback/interest from angel investors/VCs/entrepreneurial community and the event helped them in refining the pitch.

Below are a few testimonials from companies who demoed their product at the event:

“Looking back presenting at Unpluggd added credibility to our venture. We also got to meet investors both at the event and afterwards. The last mail I got was last week, well after 7 months of the event. As a bonus it did help us refine our pitch to the external world. For getting the word out about your venture, this is one of the best places to be.

Sunil Guttula, Founder of Bizosys (demoed @UnPluggd)


Startups need to be in touch with customers very early on. Startups need a lot of marketing going right for them – from the very start. Unpluggd is a forum that gives both to startups – for free. We met several of our users and customers there. We also met many other angels and investors – with whom we’ve had continuous engagement since.

Early feedback for promising and aspiring startups helps a lot. To this effect, Unpluggd is doing a service to the startup ecosystem. – Bharat Mohan, Founder of Dhiti (demoed@UnPluggd2).


The “Indian Product Startup” is a relatively recent development and needs all the encouragement it can get. At a basic level, events like Unpluggd help startups meet and connect with other like minded people and draw mutual solace and encouragement. Of course, more life changing (for your startup) things can happen but don’t go with the sole objective of raising funding. Go with an open mind and the enthusiasm to meet other interesting people and learn what they’re up to, and you won’t be disappointed.
Run by a passionate team, Unpluggd places the startup in the centre of things, and steers clear of the “formula” platitudes, felicitations and speeches that derail many events in India.
Lux (demoed @UnPluggd2).


UnPluggd Demo: FAQ

Qn: What is the Nomination Process like?
Once the nomination is closed (deadline is June 26th), 30 companies will be selected and these companies will be contacted via email. We (i.e. the panel) will schedule meetings/skype conference etc with the companies in order to understand their business in depth. Out of 30, the final list of presenting startups will be selected.

Qn: Who sees my submission?
The Pluggd.in team (Ashish Sinha & Pratyush Prasanna initially). At a later stage, we will announce the panel and you can choose not to share details with a panel member, if you aren’t comfortable with the names (for competitive reasons).

If you are selected for further rounds, we will get in touch with you to discuss more details.

Qn: I noticed that you have certain partnerships from funds who have invested in our competition. We don’t want to share our business concept with them.

Don’t. Tell us the names and like we mentioned earlier, we will tell you upfront about the panel and you can be selective about the same.

Qn: I wanna launch my product at UnPluGGd!

Nothing like launching your product at an event where you can derive maximum eye balls – right from angel investors to VCs, media and most importantly, early adopters. Send in your nomination right away.

Qn: We are still developing the product and plan to launch it by July. Are we eligible?
In general, we don’t want to showcase just prototypes, but we suggest that you go ahead and nominate your startup. If you have a matured prototype (with thought-thru’ use cases), we would surely love to have you at the event.

Qn: We haven’t yet started making money. Shall we nominate ourselves..?
Well, it takes a while for product companies to monetize in India. We respect IP (Intellectual Properties) and would love to have your nomination.

Qn: Last Date of Nomination
June 26th, 12 Midnight.

Qn: Who are the VCs attending the event?
Pretty much all the known names. Apart from VC firms, a lot of angel investors will be present at the Startup event.

Application form also embedded in this post:

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