UnPluggd Finalists [The List]

Presenting the top 10 finalists (+1 Hack) that demoed at UnPluggd, India’s largest startup event. The startups represent different categories like Cloud based infrastructure, Enterprise, Embedded Systems, LBS, Internet and of course, Android.

Here is the list of top 10 companies and description (in their own words) that presented at the event.


URL: http://www.vaultize.com

Vaultize is the first enterprise-class data protection solution designed from the ground-up specifically for cloud with returns on investment.  Vaultize is built to ensure complete and secure protection of files, emails and application databases on laptops, desktops and servers. In addition to secure cloud-based backup and quick disaster recovery, Vaultize has advanced features like collaboration between users, synchronization of devices and sharing over web – giving high returns on investment to SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises. Based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pay-as-you-use model, Vaultize is affordable, simple and easy on books. It can be deployed without incurring any CAPEX in hardware or software, and requires low OPEX.

Most cloud-based backup solutions are primarily designed for consumers and their business editions are just extensions to consumer offerings. While others have tried to somehow retrofit their on-premise offerings in cloud ex post facto. Also, with most of the backup solutions the backup data is stored passively – giving no returns on investement. Vaultize turns passive backup data into “active” content store by utilizing it for synchronization, collaboration, sharing over web and disaster recovery.


URL: http://www.jusbill.com

Jusbill is an easy cloud based billing and invoicing application designed for the Indian Small business. It allows manufacturers, traders and services companies to carry out their billing and invoicing, order tracking, payable and receivables management and general customer and supplier management. What makes it different from current offerings in the market is its inherent usability and ease of learning. It does not require you to have any accounting knowledge and yet allows you to run your business back-office with ease and comfort. Built for today’s user, it demonstrates the leap in technology and the leap in faith which have eluded the small business user. It offers a very different UI, much different from the usual accounting applications which is in tune with the current expectations of the user.

Another USP that jusbill offers is an online – offline capabilities. That means users continue to work even when the internet connectivity drops. The same intuitive user interface, the same rich features even when there is no internet.


URL: http://www.innovateedu.com

InnovateEdu is a digital education enabler, providing “Technology Enabled Classroom” Solution to engineering colleges and students. The flagship product “EasyClassroom” is a Cloud based solution that helps Engineering colleges deliver and manage learning in its institute. It consists of 3 modules –

  • Content and Assessment – It has digital content built as per the curriculum with intuitive explanations, images and 2D/3D animations. Other features include Online assignments, Automated tests, Analytical buildup of concepts and numerical.
  • Learning Analytics – Tracks and reports the progress of students and faculties.
  • Self Learning modules for students

We are solving 2 key problems faced by colleges and students in Indian Engineering market –

1. Management – Shortage of quality faculty affecting the reputation of engineering institutions, and thereby the enrollment and recruitment of students

2. Students – Lack of analytical skills impacting the employability and deployment in industry even after professional education


URL: http://www.webengage.com

WebEngage is a customer engagement tool for websites; sites of all sorts – e-commerce, web portals, vertical search, sme websites, blogs etc. The tool essentially has two features –

1. Feedback and support: we let visitors submit feedback contextually on a customers website. Contextually, because we tell you which page of your site was the feedback submitted on. We also tell you a whole bunch of other things – user’s geography, page of which the feedback was submitted, browser, platform etc. We send instant email notifications to both parties. All your feedback and their corresponding replies can be managed from your WebEngage dashboard. Nice reporting and analytics platform to explore in-depth statistics is offered to website owners in the dashboard.

2. Short targeted surveys: we have built a platform which lets you conduct short surveys unobtrusively from visitors of your website. For example, if a user visits your site’s pricing page and has spent, lets say 30 seconds on this page and has come here for the first time, a small (and good looking) form pops up from the bottom of the page asking this user for his/her email so that you can provide assistance w.r.t your product’s pricing. Sounds cool? WebEngage surveys can be a lead generation form or user research surveys.

WebEngage is a simple DIY, SaaS. Our customers use either of these or both, based on their needs. The integration bit is a one-time, one-line of Javascript code that needs to be placed on your website.


URL: http://www.locally.in

Locally is a location-based rewards and discounts engine.  The Locally app allows users to discover nearby businesses and discounts/rewards being offered by them.  For business, Locally provides a simple way to set up discounts and rewards for users and notify them about ongoing promotions, events etc.  The notification system is based on what we call PPL – Proximity, Presence and Loyalty.  These three factors create four distinct, sometimes overlapping, segments of users for which the following types of alerts are available:

  • Nearby Alerts – Sent when a Locally user comes within 1 Km radius of the outlet.
  • Check-in Alerts – Sent to users when they check-in at the outlet.
  • Reconnect Alerts – Sent to users who had checked-in at the outlet in the past.
  • Follower Alerts – Sent to users who follow the business on Locally.

The Locally app also provides several other features to users such as:

  • Add new places
  • Follow a place for receiving follower notifications, if available
  • Sharing where they are with their friends on Locally, Facebook and Twitter by checking-in at places
  • Add images to a place listing
  • Rate and comment about a place

Download the app: iPhone, Android.


URL: http://www.qawoo.com
QAWOO is being developed by the workaholics at Thotmatrix Labs who strive to write software that make online data collection a breeze. We’re a team of 10 and QAWOO is the result of a carefully articulated business model pivot. Our initial product, which is restricted to academia, is NoPaperForms (see http://www.nopaperforms.com).

QAWOO is an HTML form-builder that will allow users to easily collect information over the internet, social web and mobile without writing a line of code. We know this sounds a lot like Wufoo, but here’s how we differ –

1. User Experience: We’ve focused hard on upping user experience levels by transforming the typical drag-and-drop interface into one that offers an easy-to-use work space to both basic and advanced users.

2. Speed: We realize that building web forms and surveys is no fun, no matter what they say. QAWOO has been ergonomically re-designed to accommodate building the most complex forms, insanely fast. Literally, twice as fast.

3. Features: Isn’t this what every new product boasts about? We wanted to put this down at the end of the list because it’s that obvious. Even then, our differentiated features aren’t so obvious. For instance – we’re building crazed-out collaboration tools to help teams review applicants easily; users can now easily run promotions and collect entries directly on Facebook; our innovative mobile apps would help a researcher collect data on-the-go; instantly generated QR codes can allow marketers to easily capture leads even from offline ads; and much more. Check out our launch page to learn more.


Link: http://www.truboxx.com

Getting legitimate accurate and B2B contact lists augmented with value added information that enables a salesperson to make the right pitch is difficult to procure in India and Asia. In addition to the tools, people currently have little or no  access automation and hence spending more time researching/dialing/emails vs. actually selling or making the pitch and selling.


URL: http://www.mailserved.com

MailServed is a smart way to email many. It’s simple, powerful but more importantly the people who built it, care deeply about email communication from Indian businesses to Indian people being exciting, honest and relevant.

The only way people in India will react to a new product, business, sale or announcement, is if a business actually writes to them. We make it easy and important for businesses to put their contacts in one place (instead of stealing bulk SMS/email lists). We help them design and write clear email, with the goal to add authenticity. Then, we not only make sending easy, but a joy. We want to change the habit, the ethics itself of how people write to many people.

Every tab, button or word has been put on MailServed with extreme attention to detail. For the infrastructure, we use large queuing systems, Python, Hand-crafted Javascript, and direct partnerships with SendGrid and Amazon for strict spam management and great deliverability rates.


URL: http://droidcloudhq.com/

Droidcloud brings Android to the web. It allows users to try out android apps from the browser itself.  Its early targets are App development companies, who will use this service to share their regular app builds with their offshore clients. This allows to try out apps without device in the browser itself. Also the App publishers, who will use Droidcloud as a marketing tool. They will integrate DroidCloud widget on their product page and users Will be able to try out Android apps in the browser itself before actually installing them to the device.


URL: http://www.znotech.com

Wow product is a graphical programming environment for engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart.  It targets various embedded architectures, including ARM microcontrollers.

Advantages of graphical programming environment.

  • Faster Programming : Program with drag-and-drop, graphical function blocks instead of writing lines of text
  • Easily develop, maintain, and understand code with an intuitive flowchart representation.
  • Release well tested code to market, with effort saving upto 80%

Hackathon: Boomchat

URL: http://www.boomchat.com

Boomchat aims to be the chatroulette for startups. The idea was conceived at Pluggd.in hackathon (as Hackodex) and is now branded as Boomchat.

The service helps you connect with fellow VCs, founders and CEOs over face-to-face video chat based on favorite topics, needs, offerings etc.


Do give these startups a spin and share your comment/feedback. We will soon be sharing details of these each of these startups on Pluggd.in.

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