Spammed by Ecommerce Portals? End your email subscription overload with Unrollme

A recent study by Microsoft suggests that close to 82% emails are gray mails (i.e. emails from deal sites, social network updates, and newsletters). In fact, our Inboxes are flooded with emails from ecommerce sites/daily deal companies and after giving up the fight against spam, we tend to train ourselves to skip such emails. is a nifty application that takes your inbox, organizes it, prioritizes it, and unsubscribes you from gray mail. And unlike several other such tools that claim to clean your Inbox, actually works amazingly well. What Unroll does is very simple – it categorizes emails scans your inbox and rolls up your subscription emails into a special inbox which enables you to filter/unsubscribe from newsletters etc.

The app supports Gmail/Google Apps and once you have activated the app, you will be shown all the category lists of emails that you (probably) need to unroll from.unroll_spamcontroller

Also, at the end of the day, you will receive a Rollup – that is, a daily summary of your subscriptions and emails that didn’t make it to your inbox (so that you can revert, if needed).

A super cool and highly recommended for those who are severely under email subscription overload.

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