Update Twitter Status via Voice–Tata Tele Launches ‘Tweet on Voice’

Tata Teleservices Limited has launched ‘Tweet on Voice’ service enabling subscribers to update Twitter status via voice.

The new Call-n-Tweet service is available to all TTSL and TTML subscribers across India, whatever the mobile handset model is. A subscriber can sign up for the service at callntweet.com by using his Twitter account details. Subscribers need to just dial 50007 and send a voice tweet to update their status on Twitter. A user can speak in any language. A voice tweet surpasses the limitation of 140 characters.update twitter via voice

The subscribers pay a price of Re 0.80 (approximately 0.02 USD) for sending a voice tweet from their mobile. The Call-n-Tweet service on Tata Teleservices network leverages the Voice SMS capabilities, sourced from Kirusa.

Essentially, you can record your voice message and the same is updated to your twitter followers – same as Airtel’s voice blogging service, with a difference that its pub-sub service is built on top of Twitter’s social base.

Given that Indians love to chatter, that too on their twitter – expect this to garner a good fan following.

What’s your take?

Disclosure: Tata DoCoMo is a an advertiser at Pluggd.in.

Also, Tata DoCoMo has launched HTC Desire in India for Rs. 28,990.

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