US college education is nearer to collapsing than it appears – Sam Altman

I think US college education is nearer to collapsing than it appears.
Most of all, it’s clearly a bad deal for many students, or we wouldn’t have the student debt crisis. Cancelling student debt is good if it’s tied to fixing the problem going forward, which means not offering it, or having the colleges be the guarantor, or ISAs, or something.
But cancelling all student debt and then continuing to issue new debt to students that the university fails (i.e. by not putting them in a position to make enough money to easily pay it back) doesn’t make sense.
Tech jobs (I assume other jobs will follow) are increasingly willing to hire with no degree if an applicant can do well in an interview/on a test.
It seems very clear that elite colleges discriminate against Asian-American students, and that the Supreme Court is going to find this. (One expert said no discrimination would result in around 65% Asian-American admits.) The fact that this has been so tolerated speaks volumes.
Stopping standardized tests–which are imperfect and correlated with socioeconomic status–seems to be bad. Other items like the personal essay are surely more correlated and more hackable. I’m all for looking at test scores in context, but dropping entirely denies opportunity.
(I wonder if this is correlated to the earthquake coming when colleges can no longer discriminate against Asian-American students.)
Monocultures suck. It’s hard to know how many of the stories about ridiculous stuff happening on campuses to believe, but even if a small fraction of them are true, these are clearly no longer places hyperfocused on learning.
(A personal anecdote: I was invited a few years ago to speak at a college but I was asked to give a ‘privilege disclaimer’, essentially stating that if I didn’t look like I did I wouldn’t have been able to succeed…
Although I understand the spirit and obviously I am privileged, I consulted with friends from different backgrounds and then declined: what kind of message does that send to listeners?)
The list could go on for a long time, but the point is: What a time to start an alternative to college! The world really needs it.

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