US names Delhi’s Nehru Place as one of the world’s most “Notorious Marketplace”


US names Delhi’s Nehru Place as one of the world’s most “Notorious Marketplace”

The United States which took off Taobao Marketplace, the e-commerce company owned by the Alibaba Group from the list of world’s most notorious markets on Friday, has added Nehru Place in Delhi to the list for being on of the “many cities through out India” which deals in large volumes of pirated software, movies, music and counterfeit goods.

The Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets published by the office of United States Trade Representative said:

Nehru Place is reportedly one of the many markets in major cities throughout India that are known for dealing in large volumes of pirated software, pirated optical media containing movies and music, and counterfeit goods.

While it names many Chinese markets such as the Fu’an footwear and accessory market, Louhu Commercial Center and the Silk Market in Beijing among other markets where counterfeit and pirated goods are sold in plenty, Nehru place was the only Indian market which was mentioned in the list.

Yashow Market in Beijing, China (Photo: Jayadevan)

The list published by the USTR since 2006, lists more than 30 Internet and physical markets that “exemplify marketplaces that deal in infringing goods and services, facilitating and sustaining global piracy and counterfeiting.” It had previously named BtJunkie and Megaupload as Notorious markets.

Since being named in the list, the US Department of Justice filed criminal criminal copyright charges against MegaUpload and shut the website down. BTjunkie also had to shut its operations.

The USTR said that the Mexican Government took action to shut down the operations of the previously-listed bit torrent tracker Demonoid. Two Canadian websites, and Consolesource, which were listed in 2011 for involvement in marketing of circumvention devices, have also reportedly been shut down.

According to one report, the music industry estimated a total loss of over $430 million to piracy. A lobby representing companies like Microsoft and Adobe said in May this year that India pirated software worth more than $3 billion, as compared to the $9  billion loss due to piracy in China.

With broadband penetration and improving cellular networks, piracy is set to go up in the coming years. However, overzealous anti piracy laws and enforcement curbs innovation.

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