Explained: How to use Google Calendar as Task Management Service

There are atleast 10+ great task management services that we have tried at Pluggd.in – right from Asana to Trello, Do and several others. But one of the feature that’s missing in most of these task management tools is a good, useful dashboard view.

That is, a dashboard view of team member’s task. A no-brainer feature, but that’s what teams need in order to understand who is working on what. And dashboard not just for the admin, but for all the team members, for them to understand who is working on what/what exactly is happening in the company etc.

Hey! aren’t we talking about a project management software? No, we are talking about task management software here.

If you are wondering what the difference between project management and task management is, well it’s actually very simple. A project is set of tasks/activities, while task is just one activity. Importantly, task is executed by just 1 person, while project is all about a bunch of people with dependencies.

As far as Pi team is concerned, we needed a good task management service that integrates very well with Google calendar and in which one may easily setup reminders etc.

The service that eventually came to our rescue was – hold your breath – Google Calendar! We found it to be much more useful and effective than most of the other services who have often created a bloated product with appealing feature sets that don’t work as-expected (We just hated services that use Flash).

In order to start using Google Calendar as a task management service for your team, here is what you need to do:

1. Create a new calendar (let’s call it Team Calendar) and add your team members to the calendar. Share the calendar with your team members (you can assign access control as well, i.e. read-only etc).


2. When you create an event (let’s call it task?) in your calendar, simply go to the event task detail page and copy the event to the team calendar.


You can also copy the task to the team member’s calendar, ensuring that it’s visible to them in their personal calendar.

The event will now be accessible to everybody who is part of the team calendar and importantly, you can opt to receive email/SMS alerts for the events (or tasks, as you may want to call it).

Of course, Google Calendar is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and most of the other desktop based products. And syncs on Android!

What next? Well, all you need to do is get your team to follow the discipline of creating their tasks in the ‘Team Calendar’ or copying them on it and you are all set!

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