Instantgram wants to bring Instagram images out of the mobile

If you ever wanted to give life to your Instagram pictures in your mobile, then try Instantgram. The app, by a startup based in Istanbul, does just that for you. Now you can cover your fridges with Instagram picture magnets and pin your favourite Instagram picture squares wherever you want.

Instagram has been one of the most used apps on most mobile devices across the Android and iOS platform. Now Instantgram is here to offer you personalized printing service that features your chosen Instagram pictures on square prints or magnets.

The Instantgram Magnets are approximately the same size as they appear on Instagram (5cm x 5cm). Squares come in two sizes Squares and Mini-Squares. Squares come in a set of 24 photos (10.16cm x 10.16cm). Mini-Squares contain 48 photos (6.35cm x 6.35cm). You can also make reprints of photographs any number of times.InstantgramThe whole process of getting your prints or magnets is very easy, thanks to the simple and easy to use design of the website. You first need to choose which product you would like to purchase and the size (for Squares). Once that is done you are asked to sign in to your Instagram account to authorize the portal to access your pictures and other related data. Then you can choose the prints you want by clicking on the thumbnail of the images. There are up and down arrows on each thumbnail to add or delete the number of duplicates/reprints of that image. Once this is done, you are asked to do a final review and edit the pictures chosen for your order.

A Set of 9 magnets costs $17.00. A set of Squares (Regular/Mini) costs $17.00. The prices are reasonable and the best part is that door delivery is provided worldwide, at no extra cost.

Once you confirm your order you can make the payment and provide your delivery address. The product will reach you in 7 to 14 days time depending on your region.

The service is currently offering a 20% discount to everyone who will share & like the promo image on their Facebook page. You can visit their Facebook page here.

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