Useful Resources: LinkedIn’s Startup Story, Companies Started during downturn..and more

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Useful Resources: LinkedIn’s Startup Story, Companies Started during downturn..and more

Mixed bag of resources – hope you find them interesting

LinkedIn’s startup story

You can’t perfect an idea while you’re currently in a job, because if you start talking to a lot of people and you start studying the market and you’re doing all of that, then you’re not doing your current job well. So I had ideas, but I hadn’t resolved it to, "This is it."

Read this interview interview of LinkedIn’s founder, Reid Hoffman- link

India’s Demographics: Favorable Today, Costly Tomorrow

What happens, however, to the Indian economy when the country’s dependency ratio tilts higher, as today’s youth begin to retire? The Indian workforce is on pace to transform into an enormous healthcare burden for the country as workers age, live longer, and demand more medical services, as well as pensions and other correlated elements of social security. India will have no choice but to spend more of its GDP on healthcare. – more

Never Let Your Ego Stop You from Learning

Most often you cannot receive more schooling, especially when dealing with critical issues that are fast-breaking and in which there is no body of formalized instruction. You will need to figure things out for yourself. For most leaders figuring things out is second nature; it is way they have arrived in positions of leadership. But the best leaders are those that are never afraid to ask questions. Rather than a question being a sign of ignorance; it is admission ticket to learning as well as a good way to build rapport and trust with colleagues. – more

Companies started during downturn

Procter & Gamble (1837), IBM, GE, GM (well!), United Technologies and FedEx. – 6 companies born during downturns

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