The Very Cool User OnBoarding Experience That Deserves A Mention [No Slacking Here]

The NextBigWhat team recently switched from Google Talk Hangout to Slack for all internal communication purpose. Apart from the fact that Slack integrates very well with services like Asana, what’s really interesting is the minute details team has cracked (rather not slacked around).

Take a look at Slack’s user onboarding experience.

Slack : User Onboarding
Slack : User Onboarding

– The onboarding is totally interactive.
– The onboarding experience encourages you to complete the next steps.

You can definitely question why I am talking to slackbot (so much free time?). The thing about Slack is that even slackbot is part of the product experience and is not a stand alone entity, unlike the famous Clippy.

One of the most important element of user onboarding is to reduce friction during profile completion. Making it a progressive process helps, instead of being a gatekeeper (which most of the products do). And a progressive process is a representation of the product, i.e. smart, intuitive and simple (in case of Slack).

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