Majority of Indian Internet users aren’t sure of Internet’s utility?


As of September 2008, India has 45.3 million active internet users (i.e. have used the internet at least once in the last one month), though the total number of claimed Internet users stands at 57 million.

Growth of Internet User Base

Internet User Base in India

Utility of Internet

It’s surprising that 47.5% of Claimed Internet users do not know how Internet can be a useful tool. Other barriers to usage includes:

  • Cost of access – cyber cafe charges are high (11.7%)
  • Lack of access points – no good cafe nearby (8.9%)
  • Dial-up costs are too high (5.5%)
  • Need guidance (5.2%) – IAMAI
Barriers to Internet Usage in India

Lack of local language content also plays a significant role in(not) building up the utility of Internet, especially for the common mass.

Infact, the whole discussion goes back to one point – what is that one single most utility that will accelerate the penetration of Internet in India?

Isn’t Internet penetration a function of PC adoption? Will mobile Internet change the numbers?

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