Decidequick Uses Social Data to Help You Make Purchase Decisions

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Decidequick Uses Social Data to Help You Make Purchase Decisions

Most of you who research online while making a purchase decision end up sifting through tons of search results, some relevant and some irrelevant, displayed in front of you. Usually most of these results leave you in deeper confusions.

The next time you are confused between two brands or choosing a particular one, ask The website helps you make make smart & informed decisions on choices by analyzing social data from friends, influencers, experts and the internet.

The main target audience of the company are users who are active netizens and are looking to make decisions on choices regarding consumer purchases.

All you have to do is sign up with an email address or you social media login to gain access to the service. Once inside you can ask the question ( eg. “Which one is better, iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?”) and search, the site takes a while to analyze the question and gather the results. In the meantime, users are allowed to answer to questions by other users and you profile gets rewarded with point scores for the same.decidequickOnce the results are displayed, you have the option of viewing some of the opinions and the final verdict of the analysis.

If you are still not satisfied with the result you can choose from ‘ Ask a friend’ or ‘Ask CrowdHelp’ options.

The service has an analysis system that will analyze and factor in public, friends and expert opinions in real time saving the you the trouble of researching and collating the data from the web in order to reach your decision.

The website has a clean, easy-to-use interface. The results are displayed with all information regarding the number of tweets, facebook posts and blog posts analyzed.

We tried the service and it turned out to be useful in most cases. The results seem to differ depending on  whether you logged in or doing the free search. But you have to be precise with what you ask, unless you like being surprised.

60 seconds, the time the portal says it takes to analyse, might be too long a wait for Internet users who are always on the look out for quick fixes. When we tried our search it did feel a bit too long to wait. If questions aren’t precise, the site will throw some whacky answers at you. With more and more users joining the service, the precision and quality of the service is set to improve.

Give Decidequick a spin and let us know what you think.

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