Must Have Utility Apps for Windows Phone 8 Users


Must Have Utility Apps for Windows Phone 8 Users

The Windows Phone Store, though relatively young, has over 1,45,000 apps at present. There are various apps across categories and while the number and quality of apps may not be at par with that of Android or iOS there are a few apps you must download to make your Windows Phone 8 experience better. NextBigWhat brings you a curated list of apps across various categories that every Windows Phone 8 user must have on his/her phone.

These are our recommended utility apps on Windows Phone 8.

Shrink Storage


Windows Phone 8 is still filled with quite a number of bugs. One of the most popular complains of users is that their storage is eaten up by ‘other storage’. So far Microsoft has not issued a fix to this problem. Nokia has created an app which appears in the latest firmware for their phones. But for others  there is a third-party app which most of the time solves the problem and sometimes even  recovers a few GB. After installing the app, you tap “fill phone storage” and then sit back and wait. It fills your memory with data. After it is done you will need to restart the phone, reload the app and tap “clean phone storage” and it will clear the files it added and a good chunk of the files in the “other storage” section.

Download Shrink Storage (free)

Shortcut Tiles


While the Start screen offers Live tiles which can afford a lot of functionality, one thing that Microsoft forgot to add to the OS was the ability to add shortcuts to popular tasks and settings. The Shortcut Tiles app allows users to easily access WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and Airplane Mode settings, open the Music Store, check their current location and find directions and execute other useful/popular actions in quick manner.  One can place these as tiles on the Start screen for quick access. One slight issue is that the Tile takes you to the settings from where you have to switch on or off the service. But we found this app really useful.

Download Shortcut Tiles (free)

Battery level


Another issue, that Windows Phone has is that one cannot see the battery level easily seen the top tray is not persistent. But thanks to live tiles, one can download the Battery Level app and place a tile on your screen which will show you phone’s current battery level. It displays the remaining percentage and time left for battery discharge. The app also shows battery usage charts, can alert a user when there is low battery and also display the battery percentage on the home screen.

Download Battery Level (free)



Effectual is one of the best to-do apps on Windows Phone 8. If the pre-installed OneNote app does not appeal to you, you should give this one a try. The app has a very clean and responsive design and one can easily sync tasks between all Windows Phone devices. The Live Tile allow you to see priority tasks and reminders on the Start screen. One can use Tags to organize tasks better. The app allows one to sort tasks based on due date and also set reminders.

Download Effectual (free)



Evernote is one of the best note taking apps mainly because of its presence on all platforms as well as its ability to sync with the web. The app helps you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. One can save notes,  ideas, snapshot and recordings with this app. The Windows phone app allows users to pin template tiles, so that with one click they can create a new note with a title, tags, notebook and content that they want. There are templates which open up a new note in the editor, photo templates that start the camera, and audio templates that start recording automatically.

Download Evernote (free)

Jack of Tools Pro


This app is like a Swiss Knife on your phone. While it may not be able to cut through anything it has a whole lot of cool features which may come in handy when you least expect it. The app includes an LED flashlight toggle, compass, geographic camera, virtual level, your coordinates on the globe, your altitude, your speed and heading (including average and maximum speed markers), base distance, a caliper, a magnifier, and a sound meter. There is also a free version which does not have all the features.

Download Jack of Tools Pro ($1.99)

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