The Importance of Right Location, Mentors & Choosing the Right Team [Video]

Earlier this week, we reviewed the #nwplyng app. We sat down with Utsav Agarwal, the founder & CEO of Nwplyng, who has a business background with over 6+ years experience in India & US including gigs at EMI Music India, OML, William Morris Endeavor and TAG Strategic, to pursue an idea he believed in. Even though the idea struck him over a year and a half back, and he was faced with many obstacles, he stuck to it mainly because of the support of good mentors.  Utsav also talks to us about setting up a start up in the right location and why Bangalore is the best place for that at the moment. Another important topic that he touches upon is just how important it is to choose the right team, even if it means firing many people till you reach that right combination.

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