uTube sues YouTube – wants YouTube to change it’s name!!


uTube sues YouTube – wants YouTube to change it’s name!!

When I came across this news, I couldn’t believe that somebody could be as stupid as uTube guys. To give you a context around the story, uTube is an industrial product company which sells tubes!

So what’s their problem? Well, they have a name sounding similar to YouTube, because of which they get unwanted visitors (in millions), which ultimately cracks their site. For more info, read how YouTube is killing uTube.
And the latest update is that guys at uTube have sued YouTube – and what do they want?

In its lawsuit, it’s demanding that YouTube either change its name or pay so that Universal Tube can create a new Web domain and corporate identity

Honestly, I haven’t seen such stupid fellas in my life – If I were uTube, I would have sold out the domain (there are desperate guys who would even buy uuutube.com; and anybody could easily pay atleast a decent mn.$ for the domain); and make money BIG BIG TIME!!
Worst case, I would have started a blog and put videos (lotsa them) to mint money from the *blessing-in-disguised* traffic.

Old economy guys, you see!
Or, maybe the guys at uTube have other plans – are they anticipating YouTube’s new dad (Goog) to shell out some $$! Will that happen?

As the analysts rightly pointed out, Goog’s YouTube acquisition will keep the lawyers busy!
In a similar story, Google was sued by a company called Adsense consulting (which owned the domain name adsense.com), and as they vent out their frustration::

If you think you can get rich quick placing other people’s ads on your site or blog, please contact Google who has taken and used our business name without permission or compensation.

Finally, Google has acquired adsense.com (for an undisclosed amount) and Adsense has moved to www.adsense2.com; Looks like even uTube will follow suit. Any takers?

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