Gaming Industry Roundup: Games2Win combats weblifting, UTV acquires True Games..and more

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Roundup from the Indian gaming industry:

Games2Win combats “Weblifting”

Games2Win, in order to combat piracy has started placing invisible ads in their games, which, if weblifted, would be visible when the games are copied and pasted on some other sites.

This has opened up a new revenue stream for the company – revenues are up ~20% and increased their reach to about 2,500 international gaming portals – source.

Games2win boasts of 35-million unique players in over 200 countries playing their games- 60% of their traffic comes from overseas.

UTV Acquires 80% stake in TrueGames

UTV Interactive has acquired an 80% stake in U.S.-based online gaming startup True Games Interactive.

California-based True Games focuses on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game model, which accounts for almost half of worldwide online game revenue, and is slated to grow 130% — from $5.7 billion in 2007 to $13.1 billion in 2012 — according to UTV.[source]

Zapak starts distributing Gaming CDs

Zapak is aggressively going offline for distribution. Prime reason being the fact that online/downloadable games aren’t taking off.

The downloadable games business is taking time to take-off. Issues like robust payment mechanisms and peoples reservation to pay online are some of the reasons for slow adoption. Hence the need to launch these games on CDs. However, online gaming segment continues to be the focus of the company  [source]

The CDs are priced between Rs 49 and Rs 99 depending on the publisher, gameplay and the artwork and will be distributed via 3,000-4,000 retail outlets.

Zapak is also planning to add 500 gameplexes by end of 2008 (currently they operate 51 Zapak Gameplex cafes in 31 cities) and ~20,000 visit Zapak Gameplex cafes every week [source]

What’s the game then?

Online channels are not working and majority of users are from overseas. Moreover, the cybercafe distribution strategy is still not working great for gaming companies.

What’s your opinion?  Do you see mobile gaming as a great distribution option?

Image by scubapup via Flickr

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