What is the right UX Job Description? [And difference between UI and UX professionals]

User centric products survive in the market because they create dependency on the end user’s front.

A lot many times i have seen companies cluttered with people hired to develop apps and write HTML/CSS getting their hands dirty into the UI and UX work. The problem from where i am seeing is that UX has emerged as result of optimization that has taken over the web due to hunger of more and sticky visitors and thus entrepreneurs are most of the time lagging in the middle ground to build the right job description for their product or services company. and since you don’t have the right job description you land up with the wrong people for interviews.

The difference between UI and UX is the key thing to start with, For example the person actually designing the the whole thing with his mouse cursor on the white workspace and taking the design to HTML/CSS is the UI person and the person who sits with the Product stakeholder and defines why an element exists and where it should be placed is a UX person.

UX and UI go hand in hand but those hands need their space to work out their skills so as a leader you need to be really sure what kind of a person will do that job for you.

Hiring a UX Designer is really important if you are a product company. User centric products survive in the market because they create dependency on the end user’s front.

What is the right UX Job Description?

  • Conceptualizing, designing and prototyping new features for our core product
  • Advocating for best of breed experience design and design thinking
  • Moving seamlessly from whiteboard sketches and paper prototypes to interactive prototypes (wireframes aren’t sufficient; prototypes have to be interactive via HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Presenting designs to internal stakeholders and other team members
  • Conducting frequent, iterative usability testing in parallel with development
  • Maintaining and evolving a set of design patterns and standards
  • Pairing with developers to design the presentation layer

The right way to judge somebody whether they are a UI or UX Designer is to see how they analyze a problem that the product is facing with its users. A person who gives a solution straight away in terms of an element design is a UI person and a person who questions the goals that need to be achieved when the problem is solved is a UX person.

What are your thoughts?

[About the author: Guest article contributed by Sumant Sharma, founder of findafy.com, a product comparison engine.]

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