Exclusive: Vakow goes viral with Orkut integration

We covered Vakow earlier and I am glad to see that the service has got stickier with the Orkut integration.

Vakow + Orkut: Post jokes as scraps


For those who don’t know about Vakow, it’s a cool sms forward service where you can add/store/forward jokes to friend’s mobile. Orkut integration has just added an “icing on the cake” to this cool service. Using the “Post as Scrap” feature, you can send jokes to your Orkut friends (as scraps).
All you need to do is:

  • Click on “Post as Scrap”
  • Enter your orkut credentials (i.e. Google account, in most of the cases)
  • Vakow will present you your list of friends, select the ones you want to forward the joke and you are done.

What’s really commendable about this feature is that Vakow can easily piggyback on Orkut’s success and that will eventually lead to viral adoption of the service.

Do try this feature. And do share your comment/feedback on Vakow. What are the features you would like to see in the service?

Of course, you hear it here first!

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