Vakow: The cool “SMS forward” engine!

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Vakow: The cool “SMS forward” engine!

Vakow is an interesting fun product, which is building a community of people who just love SMS forwards!
Use Vakow to:

  • Build a collection of cool SMSes
  • Tag, rate (or bury) the uploaded SMSes and share with your friends
  • Subscribe to interesting users (or tags) to receive cool SMSes


How does Vakow work?

Once you register, you can forward your SMS from mobile or enter them in the web interface. Your SMSes are rated by the other users, who can forward the SMS to their friend’s mobile as well as email address.

What’s cool about Vakow?

The idea will be a super hit among the young crowd, who just love forwarding SMS jokes (and what not!) to their friends..

The founding team has taken care of ensuring the quality of SMSes that makes it to the front page. So for e.g. you can forward a SMS only when it has made to the front page (and you will need a certain number of votes to do that).
Vakow’s neat UI and quality content definitely increases the stickiness index of the site!! The product can be monetized in a number of ways- be it embedding text ads with every sms or creating branded SMS universe.

Feature suggestions:

  • Give users more control:: how about allowing users to club a collection of mobile numbers under a category (say, family/friends/girl friends etc)?
  • For more viral growth, integrate vakow with user’s yahoogroups/googlegroups account.

Do give Vakow a spin. I am sure you will love it!
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