The Day I Understood Value of Yo App!

Yesterday (July 6th) was my birthday. And here is what I realized (I had the same realization last year as well, and last to last year as well) – conversations are getting automated to an extent that they aren’t conversation, but more or less acknowledgements.

And unlike the good old world, acknowledgements are now really important – in fact, they drive the ‘Like’ economy!.

First, a bit of backstory: Facebook has replaced our diaries. We hardly store friend’s birthdays – and in most of the cases, rely on Facebook for birthday popups (it’s altogether a different matter that definition of friends too has changed).

Humbled to see 100+ wishes, but here is a challenge – ideally, I would like to reply to all, but that’s a moving target. And am guessing that people are better off sending a quick ‘happy birthday’ message than typing it out! (almost like those pre-filled endorsements that LinkedIn shows up). That is, automate a bit here, a bit there and trigger some conversation!

In essence, here is what I am talking about : Acknowledgement As A Service (or AAAS, pun intended).

Acknowledge that you want to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ ; and

Me Acknowledging that ‘ I appreciate it and thank you for the wishes’.

Too long, it is!

Introducing Yo++.

Given the asynchronous and ad-hoc nature of conversation on social media, Yo app fits in.

Yo App
The Yo App

Yo++ = Yo + Stickers, after all that’s what you need.

For instance:

Yo + {BirthdayCake}

Yo + {Football}

Yo + {ThankYou}

Yo + {Hello}

You get the point, right? Thoughts?

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[PS : Wanna hack around this/run few experiments? Happy to talk:]

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