What Values Will You Look For In Your Next Hire ?

Whatever you believe, believe it to the extreme.

Do you hire for skills only? How will you evalue value-system of a potential hire? First, how do you even define those value systems?ethics.jpg

Hard working? Ethical? Team player?

Well, Chamath Palihapitiya, who earlier was part of Facebook’s senior executive team and now runs The Social+Capital Partnership fund has a few gems to share.

Whatever you believe, believe it to the extreme. It makes the hard times go by easier and keeps the good times in perspective.

– Very high IQ
– Strong sense of purpose
– Relentless focus on success
– Aggressive and competitive
– High quality bar bordering on perfectionism
– Likes changing and disrupting things
– New ideas on how to do things better
– High integrity
– Surrounds themselves with good people
– Cares about building real value (over perception)

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