Thinking Beyond Product-Market Fit: Introducing ProductGeeks Conf Speaker, Vasanth (smallcase founder)

Founders / Product teams are way too obsessed with product-market fit, but the bigger beast is to capture the distribution part.

At the upcoming ProductGeeks Conf (Sep 13,14 in Blr), we will bring you several perspectives from product-led Enterprise/SAAS/Consumer companies, ranging from startups to corporates – on various strategies to grow and scale.

We are happy to introduce our next speaker: Vasanth Kamath, founder and CEO of smallcase, which has truly disrupted the investment business.

ProductGeeks Conf Speaker: Vasanth, smallcase
ProductGeeks Conf Speaker: Vasanth, smallcase

At ProductGeeks Conf, Vasanth will share some of the key learnings and decisions the team took in order to scale faster and steadily.

Scheduled for Sep 13th and 14th (in Bangalore), ProductGeeks Conference will bring together 1250+ product team members (founders, product managers, geeks, marketers) and is an amazing place to learn/engage and network with each other.

Date: Sep 13th and 14th
Venue: MLR Convention Center, JP Nagar (Bangalore)
Registration: You can use the widget below or purchase from conf site.
Early Bird Discount Code: PRODGEEKS

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