Cognalys – An Indian App For International Mobile Number Verification

With SMS Gateways and self SMS verification being costly for developers, Cognalys provides missed-call based number verification.

Cognalys is a professionally developed International mobile number verification toolkit for Android. Cognalys verifies the user’s mobile number irrespective of the App user’s location or country, very quickly and securely, using the missed call system. The App also enables data capture i.e. the Cognalys library will capture the hardware/software details like IMEI, MCC, MNC, Model Number, Brand Name etc. It will also fetch the latest location information of the App User.
Mobile phone number verification is usually done through SMS gateway or through self SMS. Both these methods are considered costly as either the app developer or the user has to pay for the SMS verification. Through Cognalys the server generates a miss call to the applied number and the Cognalys library checks on the validity of the number. Also the library verifies the user by comparing with the location module of app installation and returns the data to the server.
cognalys1Cognalys also comes with a User Activity Module which provides unique ID to verified users making the data fetching process very easy for the developer. Details like MNC, MCC, IMEI etc of a specific App user is also captured with much ease. The App also provides an elegant dashboard to view all the data at once. The Cognalys dashboard can provide detailed reports of the App user with filters. It can also handle multiple applications, thus, the developer can avoid creating multiple accounts to manage several Apps.

Cognalys also provides the RESTful API for developers to get the data from Cognalys server. Developer can access the App user’s data, or analytics via Cognalys web service.
Cognalys provides their service at different price rates customized depending upon the user’s need of the service. The range starts from Free Account with limited verifications and trials to Enterprise Account that is completely customizable.
Cognalys aims at solving the issue of developers not being able to release their apps worldwide due to mobile number verification.

  1. What was the solution? Some opertors in LatinAmerica are also blocking the Massachussetts numbers (they replace it with a private number which affect Cognalys codes). How the next release can solve it? When is it going to be released?

  2. Don’t go with this service. I am facing lot of problems with this. I lost lot of users of my mobile app due to cognalys service.
    Miss call verification not working on lot of operators like Telenor and BSNL in India.
    Its just waste of time and money!

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