Developers Can Now Provide Vernacular Text Input on Any Website With Quillpad Code


Developers Can Now Provide Vernacular Text Input on Any Website With Quillpad Code

quillpad-developersBangalore-based Tachyon Technologies which already has a number of products for Indic input, has announced Quillpad for developers. This latest product will allow developers to provide vernacular text input on their websites.

The whole process takes just a few minutes to integrate. To get the code, a developer must visit and choose from one of 9 languages –  Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil or Telugu. One then enters your website’s URL. You will then be prompted to register with the website if you already haven’t and the code will be sent to your email.

The code then must be copied and pasted into any HTML page where you would like to enable Quillpad Language Input. If you put it into the website template, Quillpad Language Input will be enabled for the entire website.

Once the code is added to the page, users will be able to type in the chosen language in any input fields present on that page. The active language will be displayed above the right top corner of the input field, whenever the input field has the cursor focus. Users can uncheck the active language to write in English. Users can also use F8 to toggle between English and the Indian language.

There are two versions – the starter version which allows developers to add one Indian language per site for up to 30,000 words per month. The premium version supports multiple Indian languages per site for up to 10 million words per month and is customized and priced according to a developer’s requirement.

The Navbharat Times website already has the code enabled. So you can go there to check out Quillpad in action.

A few months back, Tachyon had launched Quillpad Roaming a browser plugin for Chrome that enabled Internet users to type in Indian languages anywhere across the web. Quillpad for developers is different because it does not need anything installed by the end user.

The applications of this script is unlimited and could see its use especially in news website for the comments section.

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