Nearly Half Of All Video Ads On The Web Are Not Viewable [Google]

With ad tracking getting increasingly sophisticated, marketers are fighting a battle for not having to pay for ads which weren’t seen by a user’s.
Now Google has provided them with some more firepower, claiming that just 54% of video ads on average across the web are viewable.
The stats exclude ads on Google’s own video service YouTube, which the company claims are 91% viewable, thanks to YouTube  being a video destination.
For the survey, Google used the definition of viewability set by Media Rating Council and the IAB, which says an ad viewable only if 50% of its pixels are visible on the screen for at least two consecutive seconds.
The reason Google gives for such a low viewability rate for video ads on the web is because they’re often playing in the background.
The study said, 76% of non-viewable ads were in a background tab or never on-screen at all, while the remaining 24% were scrolled off-screen or abandoned in fewer than two seconds.
While it does sound an awful lot like Google is trying to sell YouTube as a go-to platform for video ads (which it is doing), there is truth in the claim that web ads are struggling to bump up viewability.
Marketers wanting their ads to be viewable isn’t a ridiculous request, for which Google advises they spend in inventory comprised of larger video ad sizes to enhance viewability. Moreover, viewability was higher on mobile devices than tablets and desktops.

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