Report: Tablet owners dig video, viewing time up by 90% in last 2 quarters

The overall share of tablet video viewing grew by 90 % in the last two quarters, according to a new report which said that tablet owners spent 71 % of their total tablet video viewing time watching videos that are 10 minutes or longer.

The Global Video Index Q3 2012, by Ooyala– a video analytics and monetisation company– said that 30 % of total tablet viewing time was spent watching content over an hour long.

Key highlights of the study

Viewers who watch videos on their smart phones spent nearly half their time watching premium, long-form content (>10 minutes long) Viewers who watched video over-the-top via connected TVs and gaming consoles (CTV & GC) spent 94% of their time watching videos 10+ minutes long.
After the new iPad was released in March 2012, tablet viewing jumped 26%. Since that time, the overall share of tablet video viewing has grown 90%. The share of mobile video viewing grew 39 % in the last six months. Desktop viewers tuned into live video for an average of 40 minutes. Overall engagement for tablets and connected TVs and gaming consoles are consistently higher than other screens. This is due to the lean back mentality these devices offer.
The company sampled an anonymous cross section of its customer and partner database to come up with these findings. Full report here.

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