Startup InterviewMaster brings automated online interviews in hiring process

After the unprecedented success of InterviewStreet, the human resource sector is seeing a complete overhaul with a number of startups looking to disrupt the entire process of recruitment and hiring. It is here that another Indian startup InterviewMaster comes into the picture.interviewmaster_logo

Co-founded by an IIT Bombay alumni Sanjoe Jose, InterviewMaster takes a completely different approach to hiring by automating the recruitment interviews and providing a tremendous reduction in cost and effort. Along with that comes the great degree of flexibility in scheduling and management of the interview.

The service functions via the means of a web based application where the recruiter can pre-record a set of questions for the interview. The invite can be sent via an email or an SMS to the candidate containing all the necessary information. The candidate sits through the pre-recorded interview questions, and his response in the form of audio/video are recorded in real time.

On the recruiter’s side, a dashboard of features are available to them. After the candidate has recorded his response, the recruiter gets to view response of each and every applicant. The grading of the candidate can be done within the service itself based on evaluation criteria set by the recruiter and adding their personal insight where ever they deem fit. Following preliminary stage of selection, real time video conferencing can also be done with the candidates during the recruitment process.interviewmaster

This novel approach is made use of by institutions dealing in non-banking financial services, virtual training and the BPO sector, where a number of students can sit through multiple rounds of mock interviews, thus eliminating the infrastructural and the logistics constraints. The service provides separate profiles for the administrator/recruiter, evaluator and the students, which helps to keep a track of the individual performance of the candidates.

In future, the recruiters can expect the option to conduct online tests to filter out the candidates, add a job description, conduct automated telephonic interviews and the ability to integrate with the HRMS and ERP systems. With pricing fluctuating between modest figures of Rs.99-150 per interview based on the volume package, fret not if your next interview just happens to take place with an automated system.

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