Videos will account for 90 percent of network traffic by 2013 and even now, searching for text inside video hasn’t been perfected. Most importantly, a lot of videos have slides in them (like UnPlugd videos) and it’s really difficult to search for text/slides inside the videos.vp

VideoPulp is a Bangalore based startup that has built a product that can process videos, extract slides , and extract text from those slides. By using all the data thus extracted from the videos, the Videopulp platform can index/segment videos and provide a search inside lecture videos.

The startup from ex-Cisco, ex-Slideshare team member has launched Videopulp Appliance – a Hardware box that is also available as hosted SAAS model. The appliance

  • indexes slides in a video, and makes them searchable.
  • creates a listing of topics which link back to the appropriate part of the video (which contains that slide).
  • Provides search for the topics and text for slides in the video

With the ever increasing number of videos , an effective deep search technology is a killer product and is much needed in market segments like Corporates and Universities. In the past we have seen startups in similar space, but failed to crack the enterprise sales – we hope VideoPulp is keen on solving the sales challenge, as they are pretty much creating a new industry (right now all of the transcription is done manually, thanks to cheap labor available in India).

What’s your opinion on VideoPulp?

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