Video Sites Choking Internet Bandwidth – YouTube is the killer?

www is at a risk, and the threat is largely from the rising web2.0 “rich media” sites.

Moving images, far more than words or sounds, are hefty rivers of digital bits as they traverse the Internet’s pipes and gateways, requiring, in industry parlance, more bandwidth. Last year, by one estimate, the video site YouTube, owned by Google, consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet did in 2000. (nyt)

As per researchers, the demand for Internet can overshoot the supply by 2010.

The problem is not really the global network, but rather the local network and the capacity of network (i.e. switches, routers/pipes) in the neighbourhood. The real issue is about lack of investment in telecommunication infrastructure and cable networks.

If American investment lags behind..the nation risks losing competitiveness to countries that are making the move to higher-speed Internet access a priority.
“The long-term issue is where innovation happens,” ..“Where will the next Google, YouTube, eBay or Amazon come from?”

As far as India is concerned, the network connectivity is too bad and ISPs are manipulating the Internet capacity to charge a premium price.

Aside, China has overtaken US in terms of number of Internet users (China has 220 million, US has 217mn) and by 2008 end, Chinese surfers will touch 280 mn!

What’s happening in India? When will we cross 50 million user base?

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