Videos: Startups That Demoed At UnPluggd Event

Better late than never? Well, here are the videos of startups that demoed at UnPluggd3, India’s largest startup event.
In no particular order, here are the rock star finalists @UnPluggd.

Exotel is a unified voice/SMS Pay-on-the-go cloud solution for your business with no wires, capex, instruments or installations. It is a virtual business phone system with features like extensions, voicemail, conference, dialer, SMS keyword responder etc.

Exotel scales dramatically with no human intervention starting from a single cell phone line to dynamic capacity addition during peak hours. It clicks especially well for businesses that have customer or partner/vendor interactions on the phone regularly, and turns calls/SMSes into metrics and business intelligence [more here].


TheAppKiosk is your friendly neighbourhood Kiosk; home to best Apps/ Games/ Music for your all favorite mobile phone. It will bridge the last mile between developers & end users.

“At TAK we know that people hate going through the tons of apps that they don’t care about. Therefore TAK team carefully selects the apps and offer only the ones that are safe, better than the others in its category and those that offer best value for money. Just like an understanding friend, Kiosk buddy would listen to you and suggest only the coolest apps and music for your phone.” [more here].


Developers spend a lot of time interviewing candidates based on just resume which we all know is just a blob of text. Interviewstreet helps companies create programming challenges and evaluate the actual coding skills of the candidates before interviewing them [more here].
Latest Update: Has been selected for YCombinator batch.


FreshDesk is a on demand customer support software offering multi-channel and social customer support. Freshdesk combines a robust help desk, a knowledge base and a community engagement platform in an easy to use and affordable SAAS solution [more here].


99Tests is a crowd-sourcing platform to get software products tested in the cloud by top notch testing professionals. Testing in the cloud gives software product owners the ability to scale their testing effort and get on-demand access to a quality team. The benefit is that a higher quality product can be released in a shorter time frame [more here].


Mojostreet is a location based mobile game with real world benefits. Now go ahead and Check-in, Play, Share and get rewarded.  As of now, mojostreet is available as an application on Nokia and Blackberry smart phones and will be available for Android and Iphone by end of July 2011 [more here].


Unbxd Search is an intelligent search engine which can be ‘plugged’ into websites such as eCommerce sites and provides the search functionality such sites. Apart from being highly customizable and platform/architecture agnostic, it provides for a lightning fast accurate search. More features include automatic spelling check and correct, synonym match and suggest, autocompletion in the search box and dynamic navigation using facets. Unbxd Search has helped customers on eCommerce sites find the right products and increase transactions (buys) which boosts revenues upto 12-15% [more here].


Recruiterbox is a web-based application that helps startups and small companies manage their hiring process. It allows a company to create openings on its platform, publish them to social media and search engines, and then receive all applications organized by openings [more here].


nextLeap is a recommendation engine which acts as a virtual career counselor to help students make smarter career decisions. It involves a suite of applications, which use psychometric evaluations and math models on past admission patterns, to give out personalized suggestions [more here].
Latest Update: Raised Series A round.

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