Startup Vidoofy Wants to Help You Grab Bigger Audience For Your Video

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Startup Vidoofy Wants to Help You Grab Bigger Audience For Your Video

With 2.5 million videos being uploaded to YouTube every day, your video content is up against some stiff competition. Being discovered on YouTube is key to you video contents success. Vidoofy, a New Delhi based startup wants to help you go that extra mile.

Consider this: Youtube is one of the most visited sites on the internet. More than 1 billion unique users visit the site every month and watch over 6 billion hours of video. With 70% of traffic to the site coming from outside the US and 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute, there is no better platform for your video content that YouTube.

However, what chance does your video have of being noticed? Many videos uploaded on the portal get less views they deserve due to lack of exposure. Sometimes, content needs an extra push. The more number of likes, comments and shares your video gets, the better the chances that your video gets into the featured list category on YouTube.

VidoofyThere are two ways to find a solution for this problem, one is Google AdWords and the other is by using video promotional network. A YouTube video promotion network/service might be a more economic option compared to Google AdWords.

The New Delhi based startup, is a YouTube video promotion network for anybody who wants their video content to gain critical mass; brands, indie artists, film makers and individual video creators might be interested in such a service.

Most video promotion networks use the CPM promotion model, due to this your video content might end up being distributed among viewers who are not your target audience. Google AdWords works on the Pay per Click (PPC) model and your videos only get promoted on YouTube.

To help with this issue, the service says that it works in two ways. First of all, the service lets you choose your target audience by location, interest group, age and other such factors, a feature that is shares with AdWords. The second way is by pushing your content specifically to publishers who are in the same space as your content type.

The platform has two Ad models, CPM and Cost per View (CPV). If your content wants to just gain awareness among the crowd then the CPM model might work. If you are looking for performance and goal based campaign, then the CPV model might be the better option.

Vidoofy says that they can help your video get promoted across the web and not just YouTube. The platform does this by promoting your content through a series of publishers they have tie-ups with. These content partners are mainly website owners, social media users, bloggers, mobile apps owners and game developers.

How the platform works


First advertisers have to set up their campaign by submitting the YouTube video url, and then selecting the target audience by choosing age group and gender. The platform will then generate you an auto CPM/CPV rate. Once the amount is chosen and paid your Ad will go live in 24 hours. You can access the analytics of the Ad from the dashboard, which is very similar to the Facebook ad panel. Advertisers can pay through credit/debit card or PayPal. The minimum value to be paid is Rs. 1000.


Website owners, bloggers, mobile app owners, mobile game owners can join the service as a publisher. Based on category and relevancy, the content will be pushed to publishers working in a similar space. The publishers will be paid based on a CPM/CPV model. The CPM rates would be from Rs 250 to 500 based on the targeting, budget and video category. The revenue sharing with publishers is about 65% : 35%.

The startup is now in private beta and launching public beta soon. You can sign up for an invite here.

According to the startup, the platform has 500 plus active users, out of which 80% are publishers and the rest are advertisers. The company says that it is in talks with Bollywood production houses to promote their Movie trailers. The service will soon launch real time analytics for advertisers. The company also said that it plans to raise funding in the near future.

In India, the platform faces competition from big internet players like Sify and other ad promotion networks. Another fact is that the service has a striking resemblance (even in design) to US based Virool, the Y-Combinator backed company (recently raised $6.62 mn).  Of course the startup is in private beta for now, so it really doesn’t matter. YouTube does not count as a competition as the company is just leveraging their platform to promote the videos.

An important point the company should consider is Indianising and tuning their platform, taking into consideration they will be catering to largely to an Indian market segment. The portal should also rethink their design at the time of public launch.

DGM India, the performance based marketing firm, has recently announced a partnership with Vidoofy to promote content. The partnership will be on a revenue share basis.

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