Start. Run.Repeat [Lessons from running startup and marathon]

Running is meditational and Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics brings great perspective on running and entrepreneurship.

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Show up at the start line! Even if underprepared or you think you’ll fail. Because showing up counts, failing counts and there’s no such thing as a “last chance” (every entrepreneur knows that)! A thread about getting back to running (1/n)
5 yrs ago I signed up for a half marathon after 6 months of having my first baby with a stated goal of “sub 2 hrs”. Much against everyone’s well meaning advice of course (c-sec take longer to recover, etc.) But running is a form of self love for me, so I needed to do this. (2/n)
Turns out, everyone was right. Training was hard. Sleepless nights, often rushing back to feed mid-run (somehow there was no guilt of pumped milk being fed during office hours, but for running – no way!). So, on race day I was heavily unprepared. (3/n)
It know it doesn’t qualify as doing a sub2 with a 6 month old (like selling a company by 30 is different from selling a company)! But now that I can’t change the past, does it really matter? The race is long & in the end it’s only with yourself. (7/n)
What matters is raising the bar, fighting for it, failing, retraining & then taking that shot again & again till you’re so good you can’t miss it. And to take all those shots, gotta keep showing up at every start line you signed up for! (n)

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