Social Commerce Startup ViralMint Launches Behavioral & Predictive Targeting

Social commerce startup ViralMint has launched on-site behavioral and predictive targeting to help website owners target their visitors better. This means customised advertisements and notifications can be served to a visitor on your site to improve sales or conversion.

It uses cookies to track the location, time, browsing history, visiting frequency and other parameters to target a visitor. You can use behavioral targeting from ViralMint to create customer experiences that are unique to a visitor so that the next time someone comes back to that product page you have something more specific to offer or recommend.

In some ways, it is similar to the behavioral targeting products offered by the likes of Wingify and Nudgespot. You can create targeted promotions, reward frequent visitors or tie in promotions to your ad campaigns with Nudgespot.

However, Wingify is associated more with A/B testing and the social angle to commerce sets Viralmint apart, contends Rohan Dighe, the CEO & CO-Founder of ViralMint which counts companies such as Lenskart, Freecharge and Redbus as customers.

“Our end goal as a company is to help online business owners integrate our products that make the shopping experience for the customer to be more and more social,” Dighe said. ViralMint has a team of 10 based in Mumbai & Pune.

Image: ViralMint
Image: ViralMint

Besides the targeting feature, the startup has two main solutions. The first called Viral Mint uses social gating and user promotion by incentivising a visitor to promote your product on their social network. The second product, a referral marketing product is called Referral Mint.

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