KheloStocks – Virtual Stock Trading Game

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KheloStocks – Virtual Stock Trading Game

KheloStocks is a virtual stock trading portal with focus on educating and empowering retail investors on dynamics of real time stock trading. khelostocks

KheloStocks provides real time trading environment with all the trading ingredients of a cash market segment such as

  • Intra-day trade
  • Delivery trade
  • Margin trading
  • Limit and Market type orders
  • Transfer of intraday trade position to delivery

Each user starts with virtual cash of one million rupee. The market data is streamed from NSE and users can place buy/sell order on both intraday and delivery basis in the Khelostocks trading systems using the virtual cash provided to him.

KheloStocks comes very close to a real trading scenario and also has couple of helpful sections, like Trading Tutorial, and News Room.

Give KheloStocks a spin and share your feedbacks. I believe there needs to be lot more than virtual stock trading in any serious (and sustainable) portal and this may not be a pure product in itself, rather is a feature which can fit into a bigger product.

What’s your take?

Aside, virtual stock trading offers a super hot market opportunity in India and even Zapak is targeting the market with recently launched sensex based ‘Game for Money’ game.

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