VisitorEngage Wants To Help Website Owners Engage Visitors With Feedbacks, Surveys & More

The tool allows website owners to collect feedback from the website, run surveys and push automated notifications to site visitors.

visitor engage logoSo you’ve done a lot of things to get a few people on to your website. Now if the site isn’t engaging enough, the are going to leave. As quickly as they came. Sites that understand their visitors better are the ones that usually make a difference. Startup VisitorEngage wants to help here.

VisitorEngage is a tool for online businesses to collect feedback, run surveys and push notifications on the website based on the users’ behavior.  Jagan Ganti, who built the product says that he noticed a growing market for ‘feedback’ and customer engagement and decided to build one too. “I think a good product in this industry with a better execution in the market has a scope for success,” he said.

Ganti used to work as a product marketer at a startup, during this stint he developed an interest towards SaaS and product companies.

The service uses behavioral targeting, dynamic personalized notifications and triggering based on JS API which are automated.On the visual front the visitor notifications are completely customisable. Owners can change colors, positioning, language, text, width, add new form fields, customize thank you page and autoresponder emails according to their desire.

Customers can be targeted based on cookies stored and passed, based on their actions on the website or based on time spent on the site.

visitor engge stats

The website owners will receive web and email notifications as soon as a visitor responds to the notification or form on the site. They can also access detailed reports with visual analytics, that can also be downloaded in CSV format.

VisitorEngage is available as a one-click plugins, that automatically insert the code, for all popular platforms.

Site owner accounts can handle multiple domains and multiple users, thereby allowing different users to be assigned to different domains.

“We got a easy-to-use dashboard, the opportunity with our JS API is limitless, the higher level of customization ability (anything in a feedback form or push notification is customizable), our flexible and affordable plans, fastness and responsiveness of the widget and round the clock support are some of the key points in our favor,” says Jagan Ganti, CoFounder & CEO of VisitorEngage.

visitor engage analytics

The service will be available on a freemium subscription model. The free forever plan comes with basic features and limits, while the subscription plans will give access to all features without any limits. The tool is also available as a JS API and white label solution (no VisitorEngage branding on the widget) on higher tier plans.

The product is currently in a private beta phase and will be launching to the public soon. WebEngage, Get Satisfaction and UserVoice are some of the other tools that offer a similar service to website owners.

Do join the private beta, and if you are able to provide them some constructive feedback or report some bugs, you can get your paid plan extended by 6 months for free.

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