VisualWebsiteOptimizer Crosses 10,000 Signups, Is Handling 2.2 Billion Pageviews/Month

Powerplug contest winner, VisualWebsiteOptimizer has hit a significant milestone – 10,000 customers (paid+ trial) within a year of launch and is now serving 2.2 billion pageviews/month. Delhi based VWO has also launched a couple of new features, the most significant being the support for asynchronous code snippet (ensures there is zero impact on customers’ website load time).

Started as A/B testing tool, VWO now offers several services like multiple conversion goals, revenue tracking, heatmaps, segmentation and targeting, cross domain tracking etc.
The company has launched new interface clubbed with a few new features:

  • Asynchronous code snippet: this new code snippet ensures there is zero impact on our customers’ website load time. It also ensures that if our servers are inaccessible, customers’ website loads normally. We are the first A/B testing vendor to come up with this innovation.
  • Email reports and screenshots to your colleagues
  • Thumbnail previews of your variations
  • Tabbed reports so you don’t have to do lot of scrolling in case of multiple conversion goals
  • New test summary chart to instantly understand test performance
  • Intuitive and snappier test creation process (AJAX powered)
  • Report enhancements: print (to PDF) option, average order value, etc.
  • Powerful account management: add/edit permission based logins and sub-accounts
  • Improved test filtering and searching

What’s super amazing about VWO is that much of the growth has been managed without any external funding and we strongly recommend you to read this interview: The Story of Visual Website Optimizer “Startups Are All About Markets”.

Watch this Video:

Goes without saying – you don’t need ‘funding’ to make it big. Keep looking to solve a pain point, validate the hypothesis and there you have a growing business.


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