Funny Telugu Short Film ‘Viva’ Storms YouTube Charts in 2013


Funny Telugu Short Film ‘Viva’ Storms YouTube Charts in 2013

It’s not close to hundreds of millions of views on Youtube for Psy’s Gangnam style, the Harlem Shake or ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis. But for India more than 3 million views for a regional language film is a big deal. Telugu short film, the Viva, was watched over 3.6 million times and it’s one of the most watched YouTube videos this year. The short film is a funny take on oral examinations in colleges.

First it was Facebook, then LinkedIn and now it’s YouTube that has done its version of the Year in Review called ‘YouTube Rewind 2013’ that takes a look at all the trending videos from across the globe.

Electronic dance video ‘The Fox’  by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis stormed YouTube charts this year as the most watched video. The video that was posted on September 3 has had over 275 million views so far.

Video meme ‘Harlem Shake’ followed suit with over 95 million views. Incidentally, YouTube says that there are over 1.7 million ‘Harlem Shake’ videos being made right now. That’s more videos than people in Manhattan!

In India, Bollywood movies were the flavors this year, with Krrish 3’s trailer was most watched with over 19 million views, followed by Dhoom 3. For those who haven’t seen ‘The Viva’ yet, take a look here.

Meanwhile, in the world of music, Psy’s “Gentlemen” took top spot. The list also included Avicii’s video Wake Me Up and 2 songs by Miley Cyrus. And for those who don’t want to really go through all the videos, YouTube roped in 60 YouTubers to create a mashup of the trending videos of the year.

As an aside, the video portal also said that Google’s Zeitgeist, or Google’s annual list of events, people and places that made headlines this year will be released next week.

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