Vivaldi, The Web Browser For Power Users Is Nearing The Beta Stage


Vivaldi, The Web Browser For Power Users Is Nearing The Beta Stage

Vivaldi, one of the newest web browsers on the block built for power users, has released its fourth Technical Preview, the last one before it hits the Beta stage.

Vivaldi Browser

The lure of Vivaldi is its customizability that allows users to build the browser tailored to their use with just a few clicks.

As part of the new Technical Preview, Vivaldi has added more options for customization. The browser can now be customized in over 155 mn ways.

Unlike Google Chrome which aims to be great out of the box but doesn’t really allow users to change things around, the developers of Vivaldi have gone the opposite way.

“When in doubt, make it an option”

Three of the biggest new customization options are:

More mouse gestures – Allow users to execute common browser actions with a few flicks of your wrist. New mouse gestures in this release include gestures for tab switching and activating your keyboard. Users also have the option to start customizing mouse gestures through an intuitive interface.

Keyboard shortcuts – If a user can’t remember a particular key combination, a new cheat sheet in the browser puts it right at their fingertips.

Experimental Extensions – Work on extensions is not finished, but now users who install the AdBlock+ extension for Chrome will find that it works in Vivaldi.

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