Vodafone blocks MyToday : NDNC vs. Opt-in

After Airtel, Vodafone has blocked MyToday service alleging the service does not comply with the telecom regulations.

While Vodafone hasn’t given any concrete reasons (after all, the service is opt-in, so NDNC doesn’t apply), Rajesh has following to say:

The real unstated reason for the block is that Vodafone believes our free SMS services are competitive to their paid services (Vodafone Alerts). So, rather than let the market and consumers decide, they chose the path of blocking a service which has grown word-of-mouth to 3.8 million subscribers in India in the past two years.

TRAI, few days back announced that opt-in services override NDNC, but it seems operators can’t see independent services monetizing their infrastructure, without any revenue sharing.

This is quite a shame on Vodafone and Airtel of the world, who actually tend to do a lip-service in the name of innovation (Airtel even launched it’s innovation fund, though not sure who has benefited out of it), but when it comes to an outsider doing something interesting, they act like a big brother.

What’s your opinion on this issue?

Note to smsgupshup team – If not now, you guys will also face this issue in the near future. So why not team up and fight together?

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