Vodafone to Open Up More APIs for App Developers; MS to Launch Carrier Billing on Store

Telecom major Vodafone* will soon launch a set of APIs that will allow developers to send messages, locate terminals and make charges, as well as establish and control voice calls.Vodafone Developer

Vodafone’s developer platform has been live since January 2014. The portal allows developers to register to get access to network and payment APIs and build apps round it.

“APIs are available, ranging from Vodafone sandbox APIs to Payment APIs,” said Dhananjay Nath, Corporate Marketing – D2C Services & SDP at Vodafone India.

Vodafone Developer Portal includes a Forum for developer community collaboration, developer support, sample applications, guides on how to use the APIs, and access to both sandbox and (limited) live versions of the APIs for prototyping and testing.

On the portal, you need to register as a Vodafone partner before you can publish a project on to the App store. Currently, it lets you access a set of 6 APIs including the Payment API, Live Balance Check, SMS API, Location API, DND API and Device API.

The company was one of the first telco’s in India to tilt the balance in favor of developers by giving them a greater revenue share. For paid apps, Vodafone gives up to 70% to the developer and keeps 30%. It was the other way around until recently. “Revenue share ratios are based on the net monthly revenues & are in favour of the partner,” said Dhananjay.

Vodafone has also set up a device lab in Bangalore where developers can book a device and test their application on real devices. The lab has devices from OEMs including Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and early access devices from Chipmakers like Qualcomm.

Aside, Microsoft is in talks with telecom operators to implement carrier billing on the Windows App store. We are expecting an announcement soon.

* Disclosure: Vodafone was a sponsor at our bigMobilityconf

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