Vodafone Developer Program for App Developers to Become Completely Self Service

Vodafone DeveloperVodafone is going to make its developer platform completely self service so that app developers can publish apps onto the company’s app store with very little friction.
The company’s Developer Program & AppStore head Balagopal K S said at the bigMobilityconf* on Saturday that the platform will be opened up for developers in May.
Vodafone developer program is also planning to release a set of APIs including location APIs in 4-6 weeks, it said. Currently, the developer portal allows you to register as a developer but you need to go through Vodafone’s team to get it published on the app store. With the new launch, you can directly submit the app to the store.
Vodafone recently said that it will pay app developers up to 70% of the revenues it gets from app sales. Until last year, it was the other way around where the operator kept 70% of the revenues. Developers start with a 50:50 split with Vodafone and as revenues increase, the payout goes up to 70%.
The company lets you charge the user using carrier billing. That is, when the user buys makes a purchase, the money is debited from his mobile phone account and paid out to you later.
For developers, the company has also opened a device lab. The lab will give access to different devices to developers for free.
* Disclosure: Vodafone was a sponsor at bigMobilityConf.
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