News Roundup: Vodafone slashes 3G tariff by upto 80%


News Roundup: Vodafone slashes 3G tariff by upto 80%

Vodafone has slashes the 3G tariff by up to 80%. The latest entry level plan offers 25MB of data downloads for Rs 25 while on the higher side, upto 12 GB of data downloads are available at a peak rental of Rs 1599.

Earlier, Aircel and Airtel too slashed 3G tariff.

Rule to bring telecom disputes under consumer act this fiscal

At present a consumer has to follow cumbersome process to resolve telecom services dispute through facilities set-up by the company starting from registering complaint with call centre, then approaching nodal officer and finally to Appellate Authority, all these established by the service provider. The government is considering to change existing law in this fiscal to enable telecom users approach consumer forum for the redressal of their disputes. [source]

BSB and Yahoo! JAPAN announce partnership for Mobile Internet Portal

Bharti Softbank (BSB), a 50:50 JV between Bharti Enterprises and SOFTBANK CORP., and Yahoo Japan Corporation, a consolidated SOFTBANK group company has announced a partnership for developing a mobile internet portal for the Indian mobile market. The Companies have formed a JV company BSY Pte. Ltd. for this purpose.

BSB was launched in October 2011 to focus on mobile internet in India. BSY Pte. Ltd is a step forward in this partnership and aims to combine Bharti’s deep understanding on the Indian market with SOFTBANK group’s rich experience in the internet portal space.

[So What’s Next With Bharti Softbank JV, BSB? First Venture goes Live]

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