Vodafone Partners With Diabetacare To Launch A Wireless Glucometer

Diabetacare has partnered with Vodafone to launch dCare Smart, a wireless glucometer that allows users to better manage diabetes. The dCare Smart is embedded with a Vodafone GSM SIM allowing it to transmit blood sugar levels back to Diabetacare’s secure servers for constant monitoring. Any abnormalities will trigger an alert and users will be given expert advice from Diabetacare.

Vodafone Business Services (VBS), the enterprise arm of Vodafone, has partnered with Diabetacare to launch dCare Smart, a device that helps people better manage diabetes.


The dCare Smart is a glucometer embedded with a GSM SIM that enables it to transmit data wirelessly and lets users proactively monitor their blood sugar levels.

The device transmits blood sugar results to Diabetacare’s secure servers where they are constantly monitored by specialist clinicians at the company’s management centre.

In case of any abnormalities, the user is immediately notified via an alert/call offering expert advice on what should be done.

dCare Smart is powered by Vodafone’s Machine to Machine embedded cellular technology and is probably a first time a telecom operator in India has let an IoT company piggyback on its network.

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