Lost in the Middle? Call SatNav (has launched Voice Based Navigation Service)


SatNav has launched voice based navigation direction service that enables one to call SatNav to seek directions/route help (presently available in Andhra Pradesh (6:30am – 11:30pm) and plans to cover the entire country over by March 2009).

Termed LCU,( i.e. Lost? Need Directions? Call Us!) the service can be accessed via short code by mobile users (Reliance users can use 56694 to avail this service).

On dialing the code the customer gets connected to a live agent who will provide the customer with the required information on a point of interest such as an ATM, restaurant, hospitals, schools, corporate, amongst others or provide the shortest possible route to reach their destination after knowing their current and final locations. This information can be noted down by the caller in the phone call itself, or he can get it as an SMS which can be referred to during the journey.

This is an interesting play of combining voice with navigation (read this interesting discussion on GPS/Navigation: Why Sat Nav(s) are not for Indian consumers?). Very often, one ends up calling friend/family to get the driving directions. A service like this, if delivered well can significantly improve the stickiness of Satnav – has the power to be what Justdial is to local search.

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