TringMe launches VoicePHP, Now your webapp can (easily) speak

TringMe earlier launched flash based VoiceXML platform and the startup has now got more developer friendly with VoicePHP.
VoicePHP is not an extension to PHP, but is a voice platform that will serve as an alternative to VoiceXML.

In simple terms, VoicePHP is the same old PHP which now enables you to create voice applications. It’s not an extension to PHP or API; infact it’s a language – the same PHP which now outputs voice instead of text and also takes input as voice instead of text. In technical terms, it’s PHP whose standard text based input & output (stdio, stdout in programmer’s term) are replaced by voice equivalent

So essentially, any webapp written using voicephp can be integrated with any other application (IM/Flash etc) without mandatory flash requirement (unlike players like Ribbit) -a disruption by all means.

The platform comes is offered as a hosted model as well as on-premise.

PS: readers get 50 beta invites for the hosted platform – leave your name here (or mention while signing up with TringMe)

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